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A short CV

  • since 2015

    Freelance Embedded Linux Specialist

    Software design and implementation for mine detectors

    C/C++, Qt, Python, Git, Cmake, OpenGL, signal and video processing
  • since 2006

    Multiple Open Source Projects on GitHub

    FFT, C++ template metaprogramming, Git, Cmake
  • 2016-2018

    Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau

    Wildau Foundation Year

    Lecturer: mathematics and computer science

  • 2006-2015

    Employed at DHI-Wasy

    • FEFLOW-Development
    • FEM modeling of porous media flow
    • Collaboration with P&G: diaper core modeling
    C/C++, STL, Qt, boost, XML/XSLT, VBA

  • 1995-2006

    Higher education

    • Diploma in computer science at University of Dnipro, Ukraine
    • Diploma in applied mathematics at Technical University of Cottbus
    • Doktor of natural sciences at Technical University of Cottbus


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